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At Beach Tutors, children gain confidence, acquire new skills and are given the tools to succeed. We make learning fun!
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Private one one-on-one tutoring taught by passionated, experienced educators designed specifically for individual student's goals. Private tutoring is the ideal place to address academic challenges with the goal of creating academic success, enhanced confidence and a positive learning environment.

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At Beach Tutors, we are passionate about all forms of education including homeschooling options. In addition to private tutoring, we provide Friday Enrichment Classes in a variety of areas including foreign language, arts, academic chess, lego engineering, sports and musical theater. All homeschool programs accept approved charter funds.

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Summer camps take place at Marina Vista Park and the Long Beach Peninsula. Beach Tutors offers a variety of activities including athletics, group games, art, science, water activities including kayaking, stand up paddling and the floating lily pad. Camp is a great way to engage in learning all summer long in a safe, creative, intentional and welcoming environment.

Meet the owner

Lindsay Hoogendam

founded Beach Tutors in 2018 with over 18 years of experience with tutoring children of all ages. Lindsay has been teaching since 2001 after graduating from Pepperdine University with a teaching credential and minor in Spanish. She previously taught 3rd grade in the Pacific Palisades for five years and moved to Southern China to teach university while simultaneously earning her masters in TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages).  Lindsay eventually moved back to her hometown of Long Beach to start a family after traveling the world and teaching.

Her passion to make education enjoyable and the learning of challenging concepts attainable for all students makes her students come back year after year.   She teaches her students like she is teaching her own children and finds the best, most qualified tutors to make learning enjoyable while helping students excel in confidence.  In her spare time, she loves teaching, traveling, stand-up paddling, board games and ethnic food! ​

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We currently partner with the following five charter schools. If you don't see your charter school's icon listed below, you can request Beach Tutors as a vendor!
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What Our Students Say

“Academic Success!”

"My 10 yr old daughter has been working with Lindsay since last spring. Her math scores have increased and even more importantly her confidence for math has soared! In 5th grade this year, math is her favorite subject. Lindsay has been wonderful at working with my daughter and helping her to see it's okay to admit when she doesn't understand something and seek more information. Would highly recommend it!!"

“Math Improved!”

"Beach Tutors is the best!  Reading and Math scores have improved dramatically and my kids confidence has soared. I love that Lindsay is always looking for fun ways to teach which is one of the reasons why they have enjoyed working with her."

Jan R.
“A Life Changer!”

"Beach Tutors has worked wonders with my children!  My oldest son, who is 10, went from barely meeting the requirements to being at the top of his class in all areas at the beginning of the following school year! If you are asking yourself do you really need a tutor? Or if you're thinking, "I can do it myself", but your child is still struggling, you need Beach Tutors!"

Terri B.

Lindsay is an amazing tutor, she is warm and easy to engage. She is brilliant, creative, caring, organized, and thoughtful. Beach Tutors is a place with dynamic individuals that make intelligence feel fun and cool. Both my kids (ages five and six) participated in their summer art camp, and they had a blast. As did I, stealing away for a few hours! If you're thinking about getting a tutor, or looking for a summer camp, look no further, you will not find better!"

"MVP Camp!"

"Our 10-year old son had a great time with Beach Tutors Marina Vista mornings and Bay play in the afternoon. We sat at the beach one Friday afternoon and saw that they were well staffed and full of engaging activities for the kids. Will definitely book again!"

Tracey F.
“Beach Tutors speaks to kids!!”

"My child loves Beach Tutors and her reading and comprehension have greatly improved! The environment created makes it feel relaxed and nurturing, allowing my daughter to walk through the door excited to be there and ready to learn.  Beach Tutors makes learning fun, imaginative, explorative, and educational all at the same time! We can't wait for summer camp and feel blessed to have the support with my daughter's education!"

Alex L.
“Long Beach gem!!!”

"We love Beach Tutors, Lindsay and her camp staff. My daughter (age 8) has really enjoyed the summer camps and I love all the extra precautions to create a safe outdoor space for kids to get some intellectual, emotional and physical stimulation with their peers. Lindsay is great with kids and just a down to earth fellow Mom who really "gets it". Looking forward to more camps and tutoring, kids activities with Beach Tutors in the coming school year!"

“Excellent Tutoring!”

"Recommended for middle school students who are striving toward success! Beach Tutors can assist with studying for tests and study skills. Definitely not a waste of time or money!"

Doris C.
“Seriously amazing!”

"I couldn't recommend Beach Tutors enough - it's a wonderful, friendly, well-run, kind environment where my kiddo was able to make new friends and have an amazing experience overall."

Terri S.

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