Mixed Media Arts 3-5

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ART 4 KIDS will encourage your child's creativity! Art education teaches children life long skills, developing perceptions, articulating a vision, learning to solve problems and make decisions, increase self discipline, and responsibility to complete tasks. They will love creating their own masterpieces while learning about famous artists. Art 4 Kids will introduce a variety of media encouraging the basic understanding of the principles and elements of art. We will keep your child engaged weekly on a variety of fun projects and introduce a variety of media. Students will develop their fine motor skills. In addition to drawing, we will use watercolor paints, tempera paints, oil pastels, soft pastels charcoal, and a 3D project with an emphasis on creating! We will have underwater themes, animals, buildings, landscapes and many more. Also, they will have the chance to work in several different art styles, impressionism, pop art, surrealism, etc.

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